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Since I was five years old, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I also knew that I loved anything that defied gravity or gave me an adrenaline rush.


Ask my childhood friends and they will tell you that I was always drawing, thinking differently, and questioning “normal”. Being a creative and visionary were mere side-effects of a keen sense of observation and individuality. My obsessive desire for freedom and adventure means there's always a story to tell, an image to make, and a new group of friends to collaborate with.

I've had an incredible non-traditional career. A career rooted in passion, with a knack for looking at the world differently, and pushing past what's expected. I value big ideas, meaningful relationships, and adventurous experiences, and this is what I have built my career and network around.

Today, I have an awesome little family, and my drive is to inspire my children to venture down their own paths. To never be afraid to try things that might seem a little bit out of reach. To dream, create, defy, inspire others, and bring their own unique vision to the world.


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