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Thanks to the following people for the inspiration, support and many opportunities.
I'm going to do my best to give thanks to all who have made a big impact in my life and career. Without all of you, I would not be where I am today.

My wife, Candace, and our three beautiful kids, for putting up with this crazy entrepeneurial journey. My parents, close friends, and family. You know who you are.

My first major "art influencers", Jay Peck, Susan Blackwood, Nancy Stranger, Wewer Keohane, my Grandma Miller, other Grandma, Judy McKell, and my step-Grandmother, Deanna Messing.
Without your influence I can't imagine how different my life would be.

Creative collaborators, mentors, clients, consultants, artists, art directors, copywriters:
Todd Williams for being such a huge supporter with your energy and talents.
Adam Brummond for the last 8 years of brainstorming and filming great work.
Randy Sherman for your wisdom and confidence.
Mark Nevils, Cassey Murphy, Andy Kroll, Julie Benton, and Holly Spaeth for your support at Polaris.
Dan and Irina Adams for brainstorming, inspiring and believing in me.
Chris Burandt for "making a rider out of me."

Tim Hagaman for inspiring me as an artist, and following me into the trees without question.
John Marquis for giving me a shot and setting high expectations.

Vince Sanders for helping to keep me "on board" for the last 16 years.
ScoJo for always keeping it real and never taking anyone's crap.
Vince Van Bael for being a brother in arms.
Logan Tanner for singing Ace of Bass, and keeping a perpetual smile on my face since I met you.
Austin Lane, Rob Lewis, David Jones, Fletcher Ohmart, Ned Connolly, JB Leach, Dan Overton, Chris Schindler, Nathan Downey and Cory Doney for pushing me as a creative and art director.
Bud Lammers and Steven Currie for helping me cut my teeth in commercial photography.
Todd Eagan for showing me how to "really" ride a motorcycle.
Mark Sullivan for getting me to Alaska, multiple times.
Mike Arzt, Ian Fohrman, Frank Phillips, Randy Kleiner, Martina Haaga and The Public Works team for the opportunities, the inspiration, and the support.
Michael Dee for the Backcountry United "Respect" snowmobile wrap. Thank you for donating your amazing talents and time!!
Ashlee Langholz for showing me what's possible with Instagram! 
Travis Bartlett, Adam Vicarel, Kelsey Fagan, Ryan Rizzio, Eric Cole, Ted Valego, and Ryan Johnson for your hard work, patience and grace with me at Spin.
Todd Easterbrook for selflessly sharing your beautiful images for Backcountry United.
Wyatt and Yancy Caldwell for donating so much time and energy to BCU.

Justin Befu for all of the media collaborations and opportunities.
Jared Wolf for helping me get the website working! Thank you so much for your time and hospitality.
Jeff Hawksworth for showing me a better way to live life.
Jake Hawksworth for your tireless commitment to product development.
Jordan Yankee for the best damn stickers that anyone has ever seen!
Todd Van Fleet for your endless creativity and faith.
Ryan Otis for never giving up on your talents and passion!!
Jancy Quinn for teaching me to put my dreams out into the universe and watch what returns.
Martin Beckett, Casey McGlone, Kevin White for always helping me remember where I come from.
Brigette Schabdach for your sincerity and positive energy.
Michelle Roche for your willingness to go with the flow.
Nina Cashman for showing me where my energy thrives.
Tana Hoffman for your endless enthusiasm, dedication, and unconditional faith and support.
Adam Longnecker for diving in with me, and believing.
Susan Alden Weingardt, Brigette Schabdach, Michelle Roche, Glen Casamasa, Jacqueline Emanual, Greg Peters, Hannah Etemma, Jon JK Klaczkeiwicz, Chad Jackson, Travis Rice, Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Bryan Iguchi, Brad Christian, Meredith Edwards, Camille Egdorf, Ryan Sheets, Justin Dersham, Jonathan Georger, E.J. Eulery, Luke Blaser, Chris Jerard, Vanda Guyres, John Rodowsky, and Luis Benitez for all jumping in and making the USFS 'It's All Yours' campaign all that it could be!!

People who have opened doors to significant breakthroughs in my life and career–whether you have given me a great project, hired me, given me a promotion, inspired me in some major way, donated your time and energy to mentoring me, or championed my vision forward somehow.
Without the support of all of you, believing in me, I would probably be digging ditches!
Kevin White, Tom Joiner, Steve Johnson, Mona Hall, Damon Lee, Greg Spradlin, Hugh Alexander, Greg Gonzales, Anne Mitchell, Krista Molloy, Roxie Speer, Anne Soustek, Eric Shumate, Kevin Rycz, Brian Gritzmaker, Scott Beckley, Alberto Zapata, Heather Arrellano, Alan Koenke, Teresa Lopez, Mike Sweeney, Fletch Ohmart, John Marquis, Jeff Buice, Tom Pounders, Kevin "Fuzz" Langford, Fred Gardner, Matt Hawley, Scott "ScoJo" Johnson, Austin Lane, Martin Bouffard, Kelly Flynn, Vince Sanders, Ryan Jackson, Bradley Bakewell, Ted Valego, Jake Peters, Aaron Finkelstein, Ian Mckee, Brooke Kirk, Jen Wallis, Jay Hart, Kristen Baker, Julie McKenney, Danielle Smedra Hernandez and Family, Bob and Tina Schrader, Brian and Kaye Moravek, Ron Damon, Jon Gotwald, James Piccione, Matt "Skinny" Fautsko and Family, Parker and Barb Hille, Phil Tanaka and Family, Beau Roulette, Jeff Brausch, Marc Frank Montoya, Troy Tousey, Scott Hultgren, Mike Manion, Bud Lammers, Devin Handler, Mark Hertweck, Jessica Zukin Tatro, Kim Barker Manion, Mark Nevils, Cassey Murphy, Robert Utendorfer, Nate Secor, Julie Benton, Andy Mills, Andy Kroll, Chris Wolf, Holly Spaeth, David Shelleny, Robert Pandya, Brian Kapeller, Mark Sullivan, Ryan Harris, Hans Wardell, John Prusak, Tana Hoffman, Adam Brummond, Becky Zenk, Jen Bertani, Robert Stocking, Adam Longnecker, Michael Dee, ScoJo, Cory Doney, Vince Van Bael, Logan Tanner, Emma Myers, Nathan Downey, Keith Shiffrin, Sarah Plotnik, Chris Mosera, Kris Fry, Mike Arzt, Frank Phillips, Ian Fohrman, Randy Kleiner, Wyatt Caldwell, Yancy Caldwell, Dan and Irina Adams, Keith Curtis, Chris Burandt, Randy Sherman, Dan Phillips, Matt Entz, Taylor Fisk, Todd Williams, Tim Hagaman, Jancy Quinn, Miguel Favorel, Kalli Skov, Brigette Schabdach, Nina Cashman, John Harris, Jeff Hawksworth, Tammy Hawksworth, Jake Hawksworth, Shana Hawksworth, Isaac Hawksworth, Mason Davey, Leo Tsuo, Jon Hare, Todd Ligaire, Griffin Post, Lynsey Dyer, Jeff Pensiero, Keith Wilson, Adam Cain, Gabe Crane, Justin Ivy, Jef Hancock, George Kleckner, Sunshine Divis, Kalei Pitcher, Quinn Sandvold, Perry Coleman, Tarquinn Robbins, R.I.P. SCOTTY GOODALE, JP Stoermer, Todd Easterbrook, Cam FitzPatrick, Scott Mellor, Steven Marlenee, Jordan Yankee, Brandon "Tudizzle" Cox, Sahen Skinner, Paul Anderson, Tom Delanoy, Scott Wilhelm, Chris Dolan, Bo Bridges, Mike "Gags" Gagliardi, Jeremy Salyer, Todd Van Fleet, Seth Reid, Kristen Almer, Susan Pieper Bailey, John Henry, Adam Baker, Lorin Rice, Ryan McConnell, Melissa and Angela Dial and Family, Marci Marumoto, Amy Pike, Francisco and Gina Reina, Noah Christensen, Martin Beckett, Casey McGlone, Gabe Holt, Justin and Derek Smith and Family, Justin Clark, Tim Bock, Ashlee Langholz, John Asta, Brian Lundstedt, Justin Befu, Ashley Chaffin, Jeremy Mercier, Dave Norona, Rob Hoff, Justin Cowett, "Lefty" Martinez, Scott Crabbs, Melody Villard, Brian Brown, Chris Hawks, Adam Sutner, Jesse Placky, Drew Carlson, Blake Scott, Mike Duffy, Tomas Berntsson, Brian Danielson, Jake Minix, Kim Long, Adam Onasch, Jonny Buschmann, John Benjamin, Anya Strauss, Wendy Turner, Nona Ainsley, Kaleb and Abby Timberlake, Jeff Meyer, Dave and Mel Bourassa, Elaine Illoso Siorek, Chris Ekx, Nicholas Hammond, Jared Wolf....

I know I'm forgetting so many people, so if I've forgotten to list you please call me out!
There's not enough time to express all of my gratitude.



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